Adaobi’s letters 01.

With mobility, he had one rule — the “clean boxers” rule. As long as he had clean boxers, he could travel. Everything else would sort itself out. Oh, he always had clean boxers.

No. Those 6 years did not teach him the law, they taught him the struggle. He became familiar with that hardship culture ingrained in the Nigerian system.

He loved it. He loved everything his experience had taught him. He felt alive. He loved the heat his steel had been through to forge that David McCoy. He loved that road. It told him, “Yet again, you did it. Until next time!”

“After the year of the title win, if I was in a top team, it would not have been the same story,” Mahrez argued. “For me, it is clear that I lost two years at the very highest level… I lost two years! Because instead of being 27 at City, I could have been there at 24, 25 years. I was really frustrated. It’s not easy to go from being one of the best Premier League players to being part of a team fighting to stay up. It’s not the same job. Everyone is waiting on you at every turn, everything falls to you.”

He wants to make this money for them, the women — three of them.

Then there’s her. He needs to make this money for her. Good writer must become rich writer. This is Nigeria, Sade no go chop poetry. He needs her to think he is there, that he is going there.



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