Midnight in Ebonyi.


Emi ti gbera, on God, la ti 4:30, on God.

Port Harcourt.

Naija boy, me nah fear nothing.

Akure and the culture shock.

And if I talk, omo na threat oh.

Success, privilege and luck.

Too much opolo, unto intelligence oh.

Success and bad advice.

You no need to dey buga, you no need to dey form.

Success and institutions.

I no fit force it upon you o, jeje.

Exams and difficulty culture.

Tell me, what’s the hold up?

Maybe I am just spoilt.

And if your miliki na fight, I submit olo.

Can you facilitate a dream?

Ma lo fe broke nigga, fight for your life.

Medium boy.

Many many things I can do for you.

Everything has changed.

So we toast to the good life.



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