Midnight in Ibadan.

Speaking about falling ill.

Yeah, I don’t wanna fall asleep, I don’t wanna pass away.

Speaking about fame.

How can we change this? The day we all became famous.

Speaking about Twitter.

For the whole, round world to hear.

Speaking about feminism.

Nina cried power!

Speaking about re-education.

I was broken from a young age. Taking my sulking to the masses.

Speaking about inspiration.

If it brings to my knees, it’s a bad religion.

Speaking about love.

Where did love go? After all is said is done.

Speaking about family.

I need you, baby. To warm these lonely nights.

Speaking about work.

Me, my, oh, what a life.

Speaking about anxiety.

Fire meet gasoline, I’m burning alive.


Don’t worry, be happy!



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