Tonight, I am Obongjayar in Sweetness.

I am Obongjayar in If You Say.

What a song. Speak about changing the narrative. It is a relief, isn’t it? A break from “I fit die on top your matter”, “girl na you be the oxygen I need to survive” and miscellaneous. Men have been pledging the most since the beginning of time. But here he comes—audacious, caped Obongjayar is asking the questions this time and his female persona is required to answer. But he says even words are not enough, she has to show him.

I am not Obongjayar in Gone Girl.

But I think that lyrically, it is the most impressive song of the year—it tells a familiar, hollow story of love—of falling out of love. In Thoughts on Cinema 01, I went on about the failure of perspective we all suffer when we see “happily ever after” stories the way that we often do. In the romantic movie, what happens to the woman left at the altar? What happens to the man living with a lover who has already left him?



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